My Career in Sports Media

I want a career in sports media simply because I love it and I think that I always have. I have been enamored by sports since I was a little kid. When I was younger it was mostly about being a fan of my favorite teams and the players that stood out to me. When I became older, I noticed that it was actually the sports media industry as a whole that I loved. I realized one day when I was about 19 that I liked scrolling through my Twitter feed just as much as I liked watching one of my beloved sports teams play. The creativity of the sports media community on social media is something that really caught my attention. It was so surprising to me that a place like that existed online and I had no idea. There were so many people on my feed viewing one game in their own unique way. Everyone has their own unique style and views that appeal to different people with similar sensibilities. Growing up, I always felt that I had unique views on sports topics compared to those of my friends. I hope to learn and parlay that skill into a career in sports media.

As far as what my ideal career in sports media would look like, I would like to start off by learning everything possible about the career of journalism. I want to learn every skill necessary to be as well rounded as possible. I do enjoy writing more than searching for stories and interviewing, but I would like to learn each skill and do it all for a living at some point. In the long-term, my desire is to be a columnist or beat writer for college football. I also have interest in the NFL and NBA, along with college basketball. I feel best equipped at the moment to cover any of those sports, but if the right opportunity presents itself, I could learn to cover a different beat. Another passion of mine is the view of sports through a comedic perspective. As a consumer, I enjoy my sports most when they make me laugh. I believe that there is an audience that wants that type of content, and I could create it after learning as much as I can over the next few years. In my head, that looks something like writing about current sports in a comedic style, or being an on-air personality in a radio show or podcast with the purpose of making people laugh. SB Nation’s Every Day Should Be Saturday blog and The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz on ESPN Radio are current examples of sports media that I aspire to have a career in. In the mean time, I hope to learn every skill associated with journalism and sports media that I can. Outside of that, I will also continue to consume as much sports content as possible in order to be knowledgeable when my opportunity comes.





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