The Two Extremes of Sports Articles

TERRIFIC: Above is an article that I enjoyed and read the entirety of on This article was a bit out of the ordinary, as it was written by a retiring player. Land of 10, a Big Ten football website, gave Ohio State backup quarterback Stephen Collier a chance to tell his story on his way out of the sport of football. This transaction gave Collier a platform to say goodbye, and gave Land of 10 the chance to be the first to break the story. I enjoyed this article because it was something out of the ordinary and a new point of view. I read sports articles every day that are all very similar. They are also usually from a similar point of view. As a consumer of media, I want something different to read about once in a while. I also liked this article because it was a feature in a way. I learned things about a player that I did not previously know. This article may not have necessary been journalistic or written by a professional writer, but it was definitely interesting. This was the first news outlet to report this story and it was obviously planned out with Collier writing his own story. All other news outlets that report on this will have to at least take something from this story. The unique point of view about the past few years of Ohio State Football (which have not exactly been uneventful) is what kept me reading through this article. I like to give special articles like this one a chance and I rarely find myself feeling disappointed afterwards.

DID NOT WORK FOR ME: Above is a link to a story written by ESPN’s Darren Rovell about how recently named Major League Baseball Hall of Famer Jeff Bagwell came to his bar mitzvah in 1991. I understand the nostalgia and the currency about the fact that Bagwell was named to the Hall of Fame yesterday, but this story just did not appeal to me. I guess its almost close to a type of novelty piece even, but still. I did not find myself intrigued or engaged by this piece while reading it, even though the headline is one kind of intriguing. In my opinion, this is not what consumers of sports media come to to read about. Rovell is obviously a valuable, talented writer and personality at ESPN. I did enjoy how he tried to end the article with a few words about following dreams, but the rest of the article and the overall purpose seemed odd. I think that there are much more viable options on coverage of Jeff Bagwell and the Hall of Fame selections than this one. A good sports article needs more than currency or novelty.


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